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Done and Done

Collegiate national sailing championship: DONE!
It went smoothly and the wind cooperated (like it does here in the summer). Whew!

A few views of the weekend:

Black vs. yellow headed out to the racecourse. In the background you can see the new custom crane which started work the same day as our regatta. To build the suspension section of the new Bay Bridge they had to have a custom crane built (the Left Coast Lifter) and shipped over from China. If that fascinates you check it out in action, read the press release (pdf) or explore this fancy looking site showing all the sections of the new bridge.

A yellow boat on land. This style of racing puts two teams against one another, 3 boats against 3 boats, and the best combined score wins. To make things easy to see on the water the sails are colored by team, red vs. blue, black vs. yellow and orange vs. green.

Me being in charge. I spent the whole time on my feet. N had impeccable timing and went away for the weekend so I could just come home and collapse in a pile each night. I survived though and now I can go back to my regularly scheduled life!

On the Bay

Photo credit:Carlo Borlenghi / Rolex

This is where I spent the last four days (I’m the one with my legs over the side). The majority of the time I was soaking wet and freezing cold but I still managed to have a good time. The guys on the boat were great and everyone had such a good attitude. It is almost always fun if you are winning, so I really appreciate when racing stays fun even when things don’t go as well.

This event was truly a “Yacht” race – big boats funded by rich people and lots of extravagance. I love sailboat racing but I don’t love the Yacht Club scene. It is not for me. I feel awkward and out of place. One of these days I’ll get back into the kind of racing I love to do – in small boats with fun competitors, no yacht club required.