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where to go next?

*warning* long-winded post musing on craft business outlook below, reader beware!

(all photos from girl on the rocks)
I’ve been grappling for the last year or so about where I really see myself fitting into the craft business world. I have visions of the products I want to produce and I how I think everyone should love them, but I have been hesitant to really put in the work to go the extra distance and create a true promoted business. The path I have taken so far is to half-heartedly embrace the idea. I’ve produced a few things that I’m really excited about, but I haven’t spent much time marketing or polishing up an image that I can promote them on. The reality is that the business-y side of things doesn’t really interest me. I like creating and designing, but I’m not as excited about promoting or bookkeeping. I guess I viewed the Bazaar Bizarre 2008 as a bit of a test. If people seemed to like my items and buy them maybe it makes sense to put a little effort in on the business side and try this world out for a bit.

I thought I made a good faith effort, at least with the bags, wallets and chickens I made. I’ve been busy with work and traveling but it feels like I spent all of my spare moments sewing. I made a coat rack full of bags, each of which I thought was awesome. I put in the effort to sew bike inner tube edging on many of the bags (it is really difficult but is such a nice durable material). I made stacks of wallets and card holders out of a range of colors from vinyl banners. I sewed with salvaged high-tech sailcloth–a material I don’t see around in the craft world much but which is familiar to me because of my sailing background. I was hopeful and a little expectant, but my sales were rather dismal. Tweed Chickens did well (which is great) but I sold only two wallets (and both were to friends).

What went wrong? I have a few observations and a lot of questions. First, a lot of other people at the Baz Biz were selling wallets and bags, so I had direct competition. I though my display looked nice (but I may be wrong?) and people noticed the wallets. A lot of shoppers picked them up to examine them, but returned them to the table. People were especially drawn to the sailcloth ones – they look unusual. I suppose this shopping season is probably slower than last year and people might be choosing what they buy very carefully. Still, the other booths seemed to be making sales and I wasn’t. The only info I provided about the materials was “recycled wallets.” Do I need to provide more of a storyline for the materials I use? Were my prices wrong (either too high or too low)? My prices were in the same range as wallets at other tables, and the bags were difficult to compare since I don’t really think there were other bags like them.

Now I need to decide where to head next. Do I bail out now and abandon this whole project? Should I ramp up the effort and try again given the lackluster response last weekend? I know there is a lot more I could do, but given the response so far should I just give up now?

I’m trying to look at the situation objectively and not whine too much about it. I do feel like it is time to make some decisions though. Does anyone have some insight? Did anyone see my table set up and have comments or suggestions for how it could be done better?

it’s Bazaar Bizarre time!

My marathon (parts 1, 2 and 3) is almost over. The last big event is the Bazaar Bizarre this Sunday in SF. I’ll be there sharing a table (officially!) with Girl on the Rocks.

The details:
Sunday November 30th 2008, 10:00am – 5:00pm
San Francisco County Fair Building Golden Gate Park, San Francisco (9th Avenue at Lincoln Way) – Map
$1 at the door – 50% of Proceeds go to Out of Site Center for Art Education

Need more incentive to stop by? I teamed up with Girl on the Rocks (moustaches, fiber and stitch markers) and A Verb for Keeping Warm (naturally dyed fiber and yarn) to offer a coupon!

Please stop by and say hello!

There are some really great other vendors at the show selling all sorts of wares – clothes, letterpressed cards, recycled notebooks etc. Our table will be next to the ever fantastic Sweet Meats (I’m sitting on the couch with my pork chop right now!). Just follow your nose to the moustaches and recycled vinyl banners. If you spot plush steaks you are right near by!

I’ve had a really difficult time deciding how much product I will need for this event. This is the first event where I have officially had part of a table and also the first time I will be bringing bags. I keep oscillating between thinking that there is no way I have sewn enough and that maybe no one will buy anything and I’ve got way too much stuff… I guess I just have to wait and see which scenario plays out. Wish me luck!