A visit to Heath

I have the good fortune to live across the bay from Heath Ceramics. Heath makes tiles and dishes in a fantastic mid-century style in their factory in Sausalito, California.

A few years ago I helped my parents re-tile their kitchen counters and bathroom floor (I’ve written about the process before) and we used a large selection of tiles from Heath. My Mom decided that she wants to tile her shower too, so we went back to Heath to pick out more material for the project. While we were there I had a great time drooling over the dishes, mugs, teapots and especially the brightly colored serving bowls.

Another treat greeted us at the factory store, SkinnylaMinx! I knew that Heather had done some work for Heath before, but I didn’t realize that they stocked a full array of her tea towels and napkins! I’ve been giving sets of napkins from SkinnylaMinx as wedding presents the last few years. I love her sense of design and I see why it works so well with Heath.

We ended up buying mostly subway tiles in off white and gray for the shower, but we did get a few of the signature Heath oval tiles to add to the mix. I think we will use them as a long skinny row around the shower, but I’m not totally decided yet. Occasionally I’ll spot Heath tiles like these ovals around town – they are so recognizable and distinctive.

One of the wonderful things about the factory store is that it is part of the actual factory. To get to the tile room you actually have to wind your way through the factory floor! Seeing the factory really gives you a sense of how small scale an operation Heath still is and how special the pieces they make are.

What I appreciate most about Heath is the functionality of their products. They make beautiful dishes which are meant to be used everyday. Owning something beautiful that you get to enjoy all the time makes so much more sense to me than owning dishes which only get used a few times a year. That being said, though I am officially an adult I’m not in a place in life where I feel like I can buy a set of dishes from Heath. I aspire to it someday, but I’m just not there yet. Maybe when I have an actual income? At least my lack of current ownership can’t stop me from dreaming about the shapes and colors!

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  1. 1 Lidija

    Hello Abmatic,

    I found you on Raverly, and I can see you live really ‘near heaven’, boy oh boy, a ceramic factory !
    I am biolog (one of them!), I live in Finland, and I don’t have job, but have 3 small granddaughters and I love to knit for them and their mothers, my lovely daughter-in-laws….
    I will look arond still a bit :-)
    Lidija ( same on Raverly )