Paralysis of Analysis

Actually, a lack thereof.

This quilt had a deadline and my main goal while making it was to not get bogged down over-think everything. I didn’t plan it out ahead of time, I didn’t shop for fabric and I didn’t let myself think too long about any design decisions. I think my design intuition works just fine like this, my analytical side really just gets in the way. I don’t really enjoy planning out projects, I am usually itching to just get started, but some aspect of my neurosis feels like I have to think through the project before I start so I make sure to do it in an efficient way. I have been known to get so tied up in the planning of projects that I never actually start them.

Paralysis of Analysis is a phrase my dad has been repeating over and over the past year. It seems that he has finally discovered internet forums (in a very 1998 style) and is having a blast posting photos of his car creations for other people to comment on. It is also not something from which he suffers. In fact when we do projects together I will be drawing out plans and calculating distances while he already has a drill or saw in hand. Clearly there are merits to both approaches and some sort of middle ground is probably a good place to be. Since I seem to suffer mostly for over thinking and I have to work a little harder to just jump in I wanted to focus on not getting tied up in the planning.

I made this quilt for a new baby of some good friends who just moved away to Europe. I used fabric entirely from my stash making it quite nostalgic for me. I know that it won’t mean the same thing for baby Amaya to see my parent’s waterbed sheets from 30 years ago, but I’m sure she will form her own attachments to the colors and patterns.

Pattern Details:
I based this on “Flock of Triangles” from the Denyse Schmidt quilt, but the color layout is obviously quite different. I looked at a lot of zig-zag colored quilts like this, but what I ended up making was somewhere in-between.
It measures 39″ by 58″
The fabric is all from my stash, mostly cotton but a few old sheets that are probably cotton-poly blend.
The batting is organic cotton-bamboo.
I machine quilted it in a zig-zag pattern using a walking foot attachment on my Singer 301.

5 Responses to “Paralysis of Analysis”

  1. 1 aija

    fabulous! i don’t understand sewing speak but it is beautiful.

  2. 2 Edith Frost

    Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous. Lucky baby!

  3. 3 anne

    Um, hello, that is beautiful.

  4. 4 Jessie

    FANtastic, Abby! I love the blue waves.

  5. 5 Rebekah

    This is amazing! I love that you turned scraps into such a beautiful zig zag quilt. Excellent job!