April Showers

My friend and co-worker is having a baby. The fact in itself is not surprising at all, but what is more unusual is that this is the first time I feel involved. By involved, I mean that it has fallen to me to organize things like baby showers and post-birth food deliveries. The new parents are not American and their families live far away so I feel like it is our responsibility to provide a support structure. I should point out that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing when to comes to babies or baby related things. I have no siblings, I never babysat while I was growing up and I don’t know the first thing about dealing with small children. I don’t know what is supposed to happen at a baby shower either, but there I was having one in my apartment.

The one part of this whole baby experience I do feel mildly comfortable with is making things. I started with my standard baby shower gift, a flannel blanket (monkeys above, tutorial here) but I wanted to make something more this time.

I decided on a baby sling. At the suggestion of collected orange I used this pattern as a guideline. I chose the most gender neutral fabric I could find in my stash (a waterbed sheet from my parents circa 1978?) and paired it with an undyed flannel. The result is cozy flannel on the inside, printed fabric on the outside.

I’m a little worried that I made it too big for Mom, but I think it should fit Dad. I have many other fabrics suitable for a mom-sling so if they like it I will plan to make another one a bit smaller.

I also wanted to knit some baby footwear. After 4 failed attempts (too small, too big, etc.) I settled on Saartje’s Bootees (rav link, web link see sidebar) and some Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere I had in my stash. The buttons are vintage from my grandmother’s button jar. I think the booties are adorable, I only hope that they will fit at some point!

The shower itself was fine, I made it a potluck and the new mom requested no games and no pink, so basically we sat, snacked and visited. I consider that a success.

Next up on my list is organizing some food for the new family post-birth. I don’t know if I should do this formally or just tell people about it and have a free-for-all of food getting dropped off. I have an extra freezer down the street lined up to help out but otherwise the only preparation I have done is to ask Mom what she wants and doesn’t want to eat. Does anyone have suggestions for me? What works well or doesn’t work well? I’d love to get advice from some people with firsthand knowledge!

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  1. 1 Rebekah

    Cute gifts! I really like the sling fabric. Those booties are adorable. It’s crazy that babies feet are that small, isn’t it.

    I’ve been involved with a food delivery schedule once after a friend delivered. Basically, the organizer had a list of phone/email for everyone who wanted to cook. Then, when the baby came and the parents were home and ready, she made a schedule of food delivery every other day and let everyone know what day to deliver. Then it was up to the food cookers to coordinate the actual drop off time with the new parents. Doing deliveries every other day was great, because a family of 2 can eat a fresh meal the first night and then have leftovers the next day.

  2. 2 collectedorange

    Sounds like a great time.

    Coincidentally I just got an email regarding food organization for another impending birth. The sender used doodle to have folks sign up for specific days. Looks like a good option, and I might even sign up if I can manage to call in a pizza delivery order from here.

  3. 3 abmatic

    Thanks for the comments! I like the idea of a fresh meal every other day. Doodle looks like it might be useful, especially after we know the timing. Mom has already declared that the first thing she wants to eat after delivery is brie and smoked salmon so I’ve got that in mind too.

  4. 4 tauna

    Those booties are too stinkin’ cute! I have made pajama bottoms out of the sock monkey fabric. Actually three pairs as I got a bit obsessed with it and my sister had to have a pair as did a friend of mine. Patrick’s are the twin fabric of bananas. If we get caught together in them it can be a little embarrassing.

  1. 1 Anonymous