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I agree with the Smilodon*

photo from girlontherocks

I hope you do too! Respect your fellow Californians and vote NO on Prop 8.

*The Smilodon is our building guardian left over from the days when paleontology was part of the geology department. He spent much of the last few years staring at a temporary construction building inches from his nose, and now he just wants to be heard!

Manta Ray

Here he is, cruising around having dinner.

There are two in this photo. Do you see the one waving? I think he is saying “hi mom!”


N’s grandmother’s kitchen wallpaper. One word: fantastic.

N’s brother got married last weekend. The weather could not have been more perfect.

I couldn’t get enough of uniform + bubbles.

I’ve been sewing in all of the spare seconds I can find. I’m trying to get ready for Color Fiber Festival and the SF Bazaar Bizarre. Color happens tomorrow (!) so if you are in the Berkeley area and want to check out some local fiber artists and socialize with fellow fiber enthusiasts you should stop by the Pacific School of Religion. The hours are 10am to 5pm – see you there?