Nick discovered this recipe in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking (p 306). It feeds 12-16 people! Below is a description of how the dish is to be served.

The host starts the proceeding as usual by spearing out the beef and lacing it on a platter. Then he finds a sausage, and after that a big piece of pork. Finally, to wild acclaim he brings out a chicken.

It’s t-3 days until judgments day….

2 Responses to “Pot-au-feu”

  1. 1 rosebrier

    So just when is a Nick making the Pot-au-feu? And am I invited? :)

    Sendins good vibes your way.

  2. 2 Paul Klenk

    Reading this recipe from the book is a riot. The phrase, “then, to wild acclaim, he brings out a chicken” never fails to make me scream.