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This is a “hollywood yarn reel” in action that I bought at an estate sale. It makes a pretty good swift so long as your skein lenght is pretty standard and i love how simple it is. the four arms are just dowels that stick into the center cog and have a few holes for the posts at the end for different skein lengths. the cog in the middle is held in place by another dowel that sticks into the base. The whole thing comes apart and fits in a small little box. Its not as versitle as those fancy pants expanding swifts I see at the store and it cant accomodate all skeins but it only cost $3!

2 Responses to “swift!”

  1. 1 rosebrier

    Where do you keep finding all these cool estate sales? I want to go next time. :)

    Pablo is doing fine. He just had the funniest sneezing fit. Cats look really funny when they sneeze. I haven’t heard form Matt yet.

  2. 2 mikemath

    I have another one of these yarn reel’s in the box from an estate sale too. I never used it, and I want someone to own it that will use it. Let me know if rosebrier want’s it.