tetanus factory

poison lump, originally uploaded by abmatic.

I got a tetanus shot on friday which has resulted in this alien lump masquerading as a bizzarly shaped muscle in the bicep region. Its a strange sensation to have a large firm growth like this which is, as karrie pointed out, just a factory for tetanus antibodies. Imagine smokestacks spewing little bacteria.

3 Responses to “tetanus factory”

  1. 1 jc

    abmatic, this is totally not okay. are you going to pull through????


  2. 2 rosebrier

    Wow I really couldn’t see it when you were trying to show it to me that one day but the photo really makes it clear.

  3. 3 Jessie

    I have this same symptom…I got my shot Monday and it is now Saturday. It hurts to move my arm much….Did you find anything out about this? I’m wondering if I need to go to the dr?